Ways of Sending Data

GCPlot currently supports any sorts of Hotspot JVM of all stable versions. Typical GC log is a text-based file, which is being written distinctly from any other application log by JVM. At this moment GCPlot can consume them using the following three methods:

You can choose the option that fits best for your purpose, or combine them. We will look in details at each of them.

Manual Upload

In order to manually upload the file, you need to click on a "Upload GC Log" item in the left sidebar.

After that, you will be offered to choose the log file and press the Upload button. The file upload & processing will start after that:

When everything will successfully complete, the page will be reloaded and the new report for this file will be available under Files analysis group.


There is also an option to upload files via API. After successful execution new file will be available under Files group.

URL: https://gs.gcplot.com/gc/jvm/log/process?

Method: POST

Content-Type: multipart/form-data

URL Parameters (should be inserted after ? character in URL):

Name Description Example
token Your personal unique token. You can find it in your personal profile page. token=cyot7yn74tcwotctwno4t


curl -v -include --form upload=@/path/to/gc.log https://gs.gcplot.com/gc/jvm/log/process?token=cyot7yn74tcwotctwno4t

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