This tab shows a lot of graphs related to VM memory consumption and rate values. We will describe each briefly:

  • Promotion Rate - the rate (MB/second) at which objects gets promoted from Young to Tenured space
  • Allocation Rate - the rate (MB/second) at which new objects are being created
  • Young Generation Used Before GC - the size of Young generation before garbage collection happens (Eden + Survivor spaces)
  • Young Generation Used After GC - the size of Young generation after garbage collections. Typically, it's the size of Survivor space.
  • Young Total Size - total size of Young generation.

  • Tenured Used - the size of allocated memory in the Tenured space at each point of time.

  • Tenured Total Size - the total Tenured space size at each point of time. Can differ when Adaptive Policy is enabled.

  • Heap Used Before GC - total Heap occupation before any minor GC event.

  • Heap Used After GC - Heap occupation after each minor GC.

  • Heap Total Size - Total heap size.

If any graphs are missing, it means we don't have enough data from raw logs to render it.

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